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Sasha Taylor

Sasha Taylor is the founder and CEO of SK Sultana LLC, a strategic advisory services firm that focuses on capacity building to strengthen individual and group leadership, and collaborative efforts of organizations to counter gender and honor based violence, child marriage, trafficking, and visa exploitation of marginalized individuals in the South Asian and Southeast Asian communities.

Ms. Taylor brings professional experience from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to address, audit, amend, and amplify antiquated laws and gaps at the state and federal level to protect children and women, and personal experience as a child marriage survivor who was forced into an unwanted engagement, a forced legal marriage, and a forced religious marriage at age 15. Added to her wealth of lived expertise expertise, is a layer of deeply held innate knowledge pertaining to the intersectionality of ethnoreligious, historical, intergenerational, linguistic, and sociopolitical culture and history of the South and East Asian region and diasporas in the United States and abroad. This makes Ms. Taylor a Unicorn in the consulting world who possesses the ability to offer the most strategic and forward leaning recommendations for client consideration and decision making. 

After having her education delayed for over 10 years, Ms. Taylor finally received her Bachelor's Degree from Arizona State University in Education and then went on to receive her Master's Degree from Michigan State University in Communications.

Ms. Taylor is a member of FBI Association of Intelligence Analysts (AIA), and the National Coalition to End Child Marriage.

For consultation inquiries with Ms. Taylor, please e-mail

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