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      A Multidimensional Multimedia Brand

 Sasha K. Taylor is the founder of Reality of a Desi Girl™, a multimedia brand which partners directly with the private and public sector to stop child marriage by urging lawmakers to audit, address, amplify, and then amend archaic laws and policies that still exploit women and children.


43 U.S. states still allow a parent or guardian to marry off their minor child. All child marriage is forced marriage since legal decisions are made by adults, with minors lacking the power to consent. In addition, minors are still exploited as visa sponsors - either via proxy marriages abroad, or in the U.S. to foreign nationals. A gap in advocacy and elevation of these issues in the South Asian-American communities, lack of advocacy for minor refugee and immigrant girls being forced into child marriages (some as visa sponsors), antiquated U.S. laws, no legal protections given to minors, and unaddressed societal and emotional issues that long impacting the lives of girls, even after they escape brutal regimes.

Sasha's advocacy and partnership work includes tackling many policy and social issues to include: child marriage, child exploitation, disability, domestic violence, forced adult marriages, ageism, human rights, and political/religious/tribal/caste/historic family trauma found in immigrant/refugee resettlement populations in the United States.


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