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Sasha Taylor is the founder of Reality of a Desi Girl.   A lived-experience-expert consulting and advocacy agency that partners directly with the public and private sectors to help end child marriage and violence against women.

On the consultancy front, Sasha is a survivor leader who provides lived-experience-expert trainings on the intersectionality of ethnoreligious, historical, intergenerational, and sociopolitical trauma in immigrant and refugee populations, with guidance on how institutions can making progressive, trauma-informed policies based on survivor-centered experiences. 


On the advocacy front, Sasha meets with U.S. lawmakers and helps them audit, address, and then amend antiquated laws and policies that are still exploiting children and women. Sasha also amplifies gaps in detached immigration policies that fail to protect the refugee and immigrant populations in the United States.​

Sasha is also a Fashion Entrepreneur and Founder of Sandstone Luxury™, a small-batch slow-fashion brand that believes in preserving authenticity and high quality. Sandstone Luxury™ donates partial proceeds to non-profits helping end child marriage and human trafficking in the United States.

A child marriage survivor herself, Sasha was forced into an unwanted engagement, then into a forced legal marriage, and then a forced religious marriage -- all starting at age 15. This collective ordeal delayed Sasha's college education over 10 years. Sasha eventually received her Bachelor's Degree from Arizona State University and then went on to receive her Master's Degree from Michigan State University.


Sasha also served at the FBI as an Intelligence Analyst for over 11 years in the Counterterrorism, Counterproliferation, Extraterritorial Investigations, Terrorist Use of the Internet, and Weapons of Mass Destruction portfolios. Sasha retired from federal government service in 2021.


Sasha is a member of FBI Association of Intelligence Analysts (AIA), Women of Color Advancing Peace, Security and Conflict Transformation (WCAPS) and Women in Film & Video (WIFV) DC.


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