Reality of a Desi Girl


      A Multidimensional Multimedia Brand

 Sasha K. Taylor created Reality of a Desi Girl™ as a multimedia brand to partners directly with the private and public sector to stop child marriage by auditing, addressing, amplify, and then reforming archaic laws and policies that still exploit women and children in the United States.


The reality as currently stands in the United States is that 44 states still allow a parents/guardian to marry off their child into a child marriage. Additionally, U.S. immigration policies also allow for the exploitation of minors as visa sponsors since and via a proxy marriage abroad or in the U.S. to a foreign national, which traps the minor into a legally binding contract. As of date, there is still no federal legislation addressing child marriage in America, or any federal legislation addressing illegal unofficial/unregistered marriage ceremonies taking place in the U.S. and abroad of minors.

Sasha also noticed a massive gap in advocacy and elevation of South Asian-American voices and after the August 2022 Fall of Afghanistan, a lack of advocacy for the minor refugee girls being forced into child marriages as visa sponsors. These refugees (and current immigrant minors) will have to deal with antiquated U.S. laws, a lack of legal protections, and unaddressed social issues that will continue to impact their own lives in the U.S., even after escaping brutal regimes -- meaning they will continuously be victimized well into adulthood and be denied or delayed the right to an education -- if coerced into a child marriage by a parent/guardian.

Sasha formed this multimedia brand to add her voice and activism to amplify policy discussions and be an agent of change to prevent child marriage and exploitation of minors in the U.S., especially since lawmakers are slow to change marriage laws in the current 44 states to protect minors. 

Sasha's advocacy work includes tackling many legal and social issues, to include: child marriage, child exploitation, forced adult marriages, domestic violence and the long-term physical and psychological impacts as a result of domestic violence, ageism, mental health matters, and deep-seated political/religious/tribal/caste/historic & family trauma found in immigrant/refugee resettlement populations in the United States.


Go to the Partnership page and find out how you too can partner with Sasha and her advocacy brand, Reality of a Desi Girl™ to help uplift the visibility and voices of all dynamic women and children in the United States, and be an agent of change. 


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