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Sasha Taylor is pleased to announce the launch of Sandstone Luxury™, a small-batch slow-fashion brand that believes in preserving authenticity and high quality. Each item is handmade by local artisans in Rajasthan, India who practice the ancient woodblock hand-print technique using natural pigments on 100% organic cotton. Sasha launched Sandstone Luxury™ to honor her grandmother -- a refugee and survivor of child marriage. Sandstone Luxury™ donates to NGOs that are working hard to end child and forced marriage and human trafficking in the United States. Sasha is building a fashion brand focused on social & ethical practices, fair trade, sustainability, and a legacy of continued giving to help end child marriage and human trafficking. The fashion brand currently offers large capacity organic cotton hand-pressed and hand-printed large capacity tote bags, and has plans to add summer kaftans, and household and kitchen items in the future. Visit


Sasha Taylor was interviewed for a March 2017 Washington Post article entitled: "Child marriage bans considered by state lawmakers." Sasha discussed being used as a visa bride and an unfulfilled promise of college. Read the article here.


Sasha Taylor and her January 2022 Washington Post OpEd is referenced in a January 2023 analytical report by The Tahirih Justice Center entitled: "Time to Lead: The Federal Government’s Role in Ending Child Marriage in the United States." This report highlights the U.S. federal government's critical role to fight child marriage. The report also highlights U.S. immigration laws that put minors in the U.S. and across the globe at risk of experiencing child marriage in this country because of a glaring gap in our immigration laws that set no minimum age for a foreign beneficiary to a spouse or fiancée visa. Combined, these loopholes, and antiquated laws and policies have allowed these exploitative and shocking cases to proceed. The Tahirih report can be found here, and Sasha's OpEd can be found here.  


Sasha Taylor wrote an Opinion piece for the Washington Post entitled: Opinion: For the sake of a visa, I was forced into marriage in Arizona -- at age 15. Sasha argued the importance of raising the legal marriage age in the United States, reforming U.S. immigration laws, and demanding Congress codify and pass a federal marriage law.  The Opinion piece can be found here.

Sasha Taylor was invited as a guest speaker on the Washington Post Podcast, “Please, Go On” with James Hohmann to discuss her opinion piece. The podcast can be found here.

Sasha Taylor was featured in a podcast interview with Maitri Bay Area. Sasha shared her own experience as the victim of a child marriage and discussed community role in preventing this oppressive practice. Listen to the interview here. Maitri Bay Area is a free, confidential, nonprofit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area, that primarily helps families and individuals from South Asia. 

Sasha Taylor provided testimony to the office of Senator David Wilson at the Senate Health and Social Services Committee at the Alaska State Capitol in Juneau asking for an amendment to raise the marriage age to 18 in proposed HB 62 -- which modifies the marriage witness requirement, raises the marriage age from 14 to 16 (which still allows for child marriages to take place in Alaska). Alaska is also trying to compete with popular destination wedding states such as Hawaii and Florida (which would make AK a trafficking destination state). 

Sasha Taylor provided testimony in Maryland that helped raise the marriage age in the state. Read the article here

Sasha Taylor was featured by City Bonfires on International Women's Day 2022. Read the feature on Sasha here. Consumers were able to purchase a Special Edition City Bonfires, whose proceeds benefited the Tahirih Justice Center -- a nonprofit providing assistance to individuals fleeing gender-based violence, and legal aid to refugees in the United States. The partnership between Sasha K. Taylor and City Bonfires raised over $1,500 for Tahirih Justice Center.

Sasha Taylor was featured for International Women's Day 2022 for the Ayaan Hersi Ali Foundation. Sasha wrote an essay (part 2 of 2) about the legal reforms needed in US government to help drive change. Read part 2 of the essay here


Sasha Taylor was featured for International Women's Day 2022 for the Ayaan Hersi Ali Foundation. Sasha wrote an essay (part 1 of 2) about her experience as a forced child marriage survivor. Read part 1 of the essay here


Sasha Taylor testified in Maryland to raise the marriage age to 17 with legal protections. Earlier in March 2020, Sasha's victim impact testimony was featured by WUSA-9 in Washington, D.C. You can see the story here.

Sasha Taylor was interviewed by KJJZ Phoenix about the legal traps minors are ensnared in when they are forcefully off before age 18. The article and podcast can be found here.

Sasha Taylor is featured in a February 2022 article entitled: Sasha K. Taylor: On A Mission To End Child Marriage by Australia-based Glowreel. The article can be found here

Sasha Taylor was interviewed by Savita Patel at The Quint in a February 2022 article highlighting Sasha's advocacy to change U.S. laws to protect refugee girls arriving in the United States from Afghanistan. The article can be found here.

Sasha Taylor was interviewed by Tannistha Sinha, at the University of California for a story titled: Child Marriage: A Grim Reality in 2021. Sasha's story and interview can be found here.

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